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Summer 2021
Jul 6 ’21
Jul 27 ’21
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Feb 7 ’21 – Jun 15 ’21
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The ENTER THE DRAGON Cultural Exchange program is open to players from around the globe.  This program allows high level (Representative or higher level)  14U, 15U, 16U and 17U players from other countries to practice and play in AAU/SHOWCASE tournaments with the CHARLOTTE DRAGONS YOUTH BASKETBALL CLUB during the month of July.  Players will also do daily basketball skills training with Coach Andre Speech, Director of LABCITY BASKETBALL TRAINING  and Director of  The Charlotte Dragons Travel Basketball Organization.  Coach Speech played collegiately on scholarship at the University of San Diego (Division 1 - West Coast Conference).  After pursuing his professional basketball career he turned his attention to the development of student-athletes. Coach Speech is currently the Head Coach/Director of the Charlotte Dragons and also the JV Head Coach and Varsity Asst. Coach at the 2016 4A State Champion, Charlotte Catholic High School. He's worked with developing athletes for over 25 years.  Through his years of coaching with the Charlotte Dragons he's helped more than 80 players get the exposure needed, by playing in AAU/Showcase tournaments, to go on and play at the college level (Div.1, Div.2, Div.3, NAIA, and JUCO). Of these 80+ players most received full basketball scholarships, partial academic/athletic scholarship, or full academic scholarships.  Coach Speech has connections with over 900 college coaches at all collegiate levels. 

This basketball exposure trip will allow international players the opportunity to play alongside players from the United States, be coached by coaches from the United States, and be seen by college coaches here in the United States. Other international exchange programs bring teams over to the U.S. to play against U.S. teams.  The Enter The Dragon program lets players get fully into the culture of American basketball by playing with and competing against U.S. players.  This dynamic will prove to be highly beneficial for international players looking to play college basketball in the United States.  The style of play, the coaching styles, and the game environment in the U.S. takes time to adjust to.  The pressure of competing at this level and playing in front of college coaches can be overwhelming to young players.  It is important to get used to United States style of play early.  We suggest coming on multiple cultural basketball exchanges to get the best opportunity to prove yourself.  There are 1000's of players competing for scholarships every year making it extremely competitive.  Foreign players can beat out American players if put in the same position and given that same opportunity.  We are giving you that opportunity! Are you ready to ENTER THE DRAGON???


The Charlotte Dragons Youth Basketball Organization was started in 2012 in Charlotte, NC.  The original team was started to give young players the opportunity to compete in high level basketball competition and develop their skills from intense training and practice.  An emphasis was also put on developing these young players off the court as well.  The mentor/mentee program allowed young players to learn about business, culture, education, and professional aspects of the world they were growing up in.  Since then the Dragons have grown into a large, competitive, youth basketball organization, with teams ranging from ages 8U-17U.  The Dragons elementary and Middle School teams play in competitive travel basketball events and our High School teams play in very high level events (AAU, Showcase, and Live tournaments).  These events AAU, Showcase, and Live tournaments allow players to compete against the best competition and also gives them the opportunity to be seen by college coaches.  Playing in front of college coaches give players the opportunity to be offered scholarships to play in college (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and Junior College).  This foundation with a focus on developing young players on and off the court has proven to be successful as over 70 players, and counting, have come through the Charlotte Dragons and went on to play college basketball. 


AAU BASKETBALL is similar to club/representative basketball. However instead of playing over a season with one weekly game over multiple months, AAU is played over weekend tournaments where 3-7 games will be played in a weekend.

In the US, AAU tournaments are the ultimate recruiting opportunities each year. At these tournaments, players compete it out against each other to prove they have what it takes to play college basketball.

The tournaments we attend each year have over 1000 college coaches attending from every level of college ball; Division I/II/II, NAIA and Junior College.

Having said that, it is important to stress that 1000 coaches weren't  watching each team play every game. We provide the platform to attend the tournament, the players have to capitalize on the opportunities. If you play well, coaches watch our teams more often. If we play poorly, coaches will move on & watch other teams. You earn the right for coaches to come back and watch you play.

The dream of playing college basketball is highly competitive and we will provide you with an honest assessment of where we think you can play.


Charlotte Dragons Cultural Basketball Exchange -  $4500 (USD) per player *AGES 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U ONLY 

This amount can be paid in full at time of registration if it not paid in full a deposit is required to secure your spot in the Charlotte Dragons Cultural Basketball Exchange.


Deposit $1500 (payment due at registration)

Installment Dates:

April 15th - $1000

May 15th - $1000

June 15th - $1000

Cost includes:

Tour Component

  • All accommodation & internal transport within the US (*DAILY ITINERARY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST)

Hotel: Hotel info will be provided upon registration

  • Training (Hosted by LABCITY BASKETBALL TRAINING & Coaching by USA Certified Coaches of the Charlotte Dragons
  • Entry into 2 NCAA Certified AAU / NTBA (National Travel Basketball Association)  / SHOWCASE Tournaments

-14U and 15U teams will play: Dates (TBD) HOOPFEST SUMMER JAM -  Charlotte, NC 

-14U, 15U, and 16U will play Dates (TBD) NTBA BOYS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP - Myrtle Beach, SC (Myrtle Beach Sports Center)

-17U will play Dates (TBD) BIG SHOTS AAU MYRTLE BEACH LIVE 1 and Dates (TBD) BIG SHOTS MYRTLE BEACH LIVE 2 - Myrtle Beach, SC (Myrtle Beach Sports Center)

  • 2 out of 3 main meals provided per day (mixture of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner)
  • Dragons Team gear and LABCITY training gear provided (Players should bring their own basketball shoes)
  • Basketball sanctioning between Foreign Countries & USA
  • Tour of Charlotte Catholic High School and Discussion with 2016 State Championship Winning Varsity Head Coach, Mike King.
  • On campus visit/tour at Duke University (Durham, NC) 
  • Tour of Charlotte Hornets Arena (Spectrum Center)

College Recruiting Component

  • Guidance on NCAA eligibility, SAT requirements & College applications
  • Based on performance college coaches will be contacted/updated about exchange players 
  • Assistance with the recruiting process, visits, and recruiting videos

Cost Does Not Include:

  • Flights
  • Passport (Your passport MUST be in date and have more than 6 months left on it from the return date, July 27, 2021

 *Players should also bring PROOF OF GRADE in School (eg REPORT CARD or SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT)

  • Visa requirements (ESTA)
  • Travel Insurance (Compulsory)
  • Spending money & other incidentals


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